Tuesday, April 15, 2008

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Ernesto said...

Nearly 100,000 signatures for FairPlay2008
"Think globally act locally! The torch is shining on the top of Cengio's factory that killed many workers by its chemical products: let's fight for labour rights all over the world! I speak in the name of my grandfathers who worked hard in the factory. I love you and I'm not going to forget! " Micol Arena, Cengio (Italy) www.catchtheflame.org , 10.51 am Thursday February 18
www.catchtheflame.org contains a virtual torch relay with a message. The message is: make sure that products that use the Olympic logo are made under fair conditions. Through Internet, Bluetooth, and text messaging a virtual Torch Relay will travel around the digital world arriving in Beijing on May 1st. The action is an initiative of www.fairplay2008.org

Merchandising the Olympic logo is a billion dollar business under the control of the IOC. There are many cases of exploitation and abuse in this industry, such as prolonged mandatory overtime, income far below minimum wage and bans on forming labor unions. The IOC can make sure that the people making these products are being treated with respect for their basic workers rights and should take responsibility in doing so.

Catch the Flame and sign your name!
By signing on to the Internet site www.catchtheflame.org you show your support and you become one of the petitioners in the message to the IOC. You can put your flag on the world map. On the site you can follow the progress of the flame, its location and how many flames have been sent. You do not have access to internet? Don’t worry, sent an sms to +31-639171613
Help us reach 200,000 signatures
Forward the flame by sending an sms to your friends reading “Join me in the labour rights Olympic torch relay! Pass the Flame on! www.catchtheflame.org Or forward this article to as many people you know. You can also approach people through address books that you might use e.g. facebook. For more information you contact the organisers at info@catchtheflame.org

For more information: info@catchtheflame.org